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Awards/Local Recognition

"Thank you",

One of the highest forms of praise and recognition.


What a lift of our spirits to go to our mail or check our email to see a "thank you" from one of our clients, vendors, contractors or local organization/agency. To think they would take the time in todays fast paced world to share kindness and recognition means so

much to our family. We truly treasure each and every card, letter and affirmation. They tell us we're doing a good job. That will always be our goal, mission and commitment to our customers as well as our community.


We all have passion weather be it personal or collective and can make a difference. Throughout the years we have consistently given back to our community as well as been attentive to its needs. We know we cant change the world, but we do know we can make a difference in our little corner of it. We are proud of our community and always want to do our part in making a difference and giving back. We can ALL make a difference by giving back.             

Seasons Cover Jeanie Lee
Chamber of Commerce award
Home and Garden Show
DR Home Show Winner 2010
Highlands Chamber Letter
DR Home Show winner 09
BBB Torch Award
Ovation Award 2016
Dean Johnson from Hometime
Upper Cumberland Development Dist.
The New Yankee Workshop
DR Home Show Winner 2008
DR Home Show Winner 2003
Thank You Letter
Wholesale Building Products
Home Builders Association
HB Home Show 2001
Coookeville Museums
Hendley Family Letter
News Paper
Habitate for Humanity
Boma First Church
BNI Notable Networker Award
Edgar Evins State Park LOG JAM
Appalachian Center for Crafts
Highlands Chamber Award
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