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Thank You to our REAL STARS (Our Customers and Friends)

What a debt of gratitude we owe our Clients and Friends!!! When someone values your work, expertise and friendship enough to have your company's name engraved on their entrance gate, well at best, it's a humbling and grateful experience. Thank you to Tom Pelfrey for such an incredible compliment.  

To be able to, as a company, grow with our community and be a part of its progress is an incredibly rewarding experience. We have been a part of many historic restoration projects in Putnam county, throughout Tennessee and nationwide. We've been privileged enough to work on celebrity projects like Billy Graham's stage production, the stage for Kenny Rodgers Christmas, Tim McGraw and Faith Hills home as well as many other executive projects. The most gratifying compliment of all is when generation after generation use your products and services and leave happy and satisfied. We like to think we helped make their home a home... THEIR HOME.

We also want to say THANK YOU to those fine contractors, carpenters, craftsman, architects and designers who take our products and create showcases, show homes and masterpieces. What a joy to learn from these masters and to call them friends. 

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