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Looking to give your walls a natural feel? Then discover the beauty and appeal of hardwood paneling. Our tongue-and-groove design makes installation simple, almost like putting together a puzzle. Your walls will look as natural as the wood covering them.


Winell Lee offers two styles of paneling: v-joint and bead board. Both are available in any of our various wood species, including oak, poplar, maple, cherry, and walnut. And although paneling is most commonly used as a wall covering, it is also a very versatile accent that can be used in numerous other ways. Like most of our products, our entire line of paneling is manufactured at our sawmill, allowing you to order whatever size, style and wood species you need. 

1/4" Bead Board - Tongue & Groove

2 - 3/8" Flooring

1/4" Bead Board Tongue & Groove Paneling

Face: 3-1/4

Thickness: 1/4

3/4" Bead Board - Tongue & Groove

3/4" Bead Board Tongue & Groove Paneling

Face: 4-1/2

Thickness: 3/4

3/4" V-Joint - Tongue & Groove

3/4" V-Joint Tongue & Groove Paneling

Face Widths:

2-1/4", 3-1/4"

4-1/4", 5-1/4"

Thickness: 3/4


Please fill out the order request form below with a detailed description of your order including specie, size, quantity and any other details you may need.

Because pricing and availability varies based on quantity as well as several other uncontrollable factors, once your order is submitted a Winell Lee representative will contact you with a quote for pricing and to arrange delivery or pick-up times.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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