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Family. Essentially, that’s what our business is all about. Yes, we manufacture and sell custom hardwood products. But that’s what we do. What we are is a family, one that knows what it means to follow through on promises and deliver when it counts.


Since just after World War II, our family has been providing high quality products and outstanding service to all of our customers. From raw lumber to custom hardwood materials, Winell Lee is the name more and more people trust. We invite you to see what we’re all about. Browse through this catalog and discover why Winell Lee Mouldings & Hardwoods is the logical choice for your custom wood products.


Winell A. (Tony) Lee - President
Shea Lee - Vice President
Phil Gentry - Store Manger
Connie Lee Gentry - Secretary
Jason Lee - Vice President
Jeanie Lee - Sales Manager



As a family business, everyone at Winell Lee Mouldings & Hardwoods believes strongly in family values. Quality. Honesty. Integrity. Commitment. These are just a few of the ideals we live by. They are what our company was built on, and why we continue to have success today.


At Winell Lee, our entire business relies on our ability to provide quality products and quality service. As a customer, you deserve the very best product, meeting the specifications you need to complete your project. And Winell Lee will deliver nothing short of that – guaranteed. 

Winell Lee Family
Winell Lee Mouldings and Hardwoods LOGO
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